Tryptich for our Time



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Humanity in its unconsciousness has forgotten its place in nature, leading our societies towards a type of apocalypse resulting in the culmination of climate change, technology that divides, and isolation as the only answer to global problems... however in the word apocalypse lies the possibility of a rebirth, beyond an "end of the world" a restart and liberation at the same time, focusing on the opportunity and the potential that lies in it, regeneration and reorganization with the earth at the heart of this hope. This commission by the brilliant group Sjaella was recorded for their album Origins, and is also featured in my collaboration with Magos Herrera, Con Alma.

Sjaella collected headlines from around the world focused on the environmental crisis during the pandemic. We created a dramaturgy around this, with a centerpiece text by Alfonsina Storni called Dead Soul, and concluded with quotes taken from the Quran and Book of Revelation, creating a triptych about our relationship with the earth, and need for healing.

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