Listen, Quiet



We cannot offer printed parts, you will be purchasing the score, parts and electronics comprehensively.

Listen, Quiet
consists of two parts. Listen uses pre-recorded private conversations between a friend and an artist. Through their recorded dialogue, it is slowly revealed that the cyclical nature of emotional pain and organic elements of nature mirror the cyclical happenings of everyday life. The voices, combined with the cellist as narrator and percussionist as the driving life force, journey through a frenzied soundscape to the calm quietude of their surroundings. Quiet is a mother’s hymn of childhood memories. The piece tells a story of magic and the memories that shape us.

Next is Listen, Quiet by Paola Prestini, an unexpectedly catchy track featuring Jason Treuting of So Percussion. It’s not so much music for solo cello as it is a fantastically quirky percussion piece with a cello narrator. An expert welder of elements, Prestini cuts in recordings of women’s voices in a way that’s vaguely reminiscent of The Books’ Lemon of Pink album.