Labyrinth Installation Concertos



The labyrinth is a mysterious enigma and emblem of the modern world in which we can see ourselves as trapped, caught in a web of winding paths from which it is not easy to disentangle. However, every labyrinth offers the possibility to escape, and because of the performer's interactivity with their instruments (KBOW and LED CELLO) combined with improvisational elements, each performance will vary in terms of the "answer" or "exit" to the labyrinth of life, enhancing the deeply personal experience for each viewer.

The Installation Concertos explore the labyrinth theme with music, visual art (through film and live performance), and advanced technology. Through these explorations, each interdisciplinary creative team adds to the ever expanding relationship between music and visual art. Art for House of Solitude by Carmen Kordas. Art for Room 35 (inspired by the semi novella by Anais Nin) by Erika Harrsch, animation by Brad Peterson, direction by Michael McQuilken.

“Paola Prestini invited listeners into her sensually saturated dreams…soloists Tim Fain, violin, and Maya Beiser, cello, performed the two captivating concertos of Prestini’s ‘Labyrinth,’ surrounded by a phantasmagoria of visual projections.”
“Spellbinding music…”