Diametrically Composed



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Psithurism, his song

This work is inspired by the sound of the wind, and stems from the original Greek word meaning to whisper. The complex aspect of motherhood for me stems from the desire to enjoy each moment with my child while balancing the goals I've set for myself as an artist and activist. My greatest achievement and the role I judge myself most harshly is in my role as a mother. I continue to strive to be more present in the moments I am gifted as a mother. Yet the complexity of balance is also shaded by the moment we are living in now. The female voice, which is the human voice, is finally being heard. And while I do believe that "Time's Up", I also want to continue to do all we can to help our rarified field. And to equalize it not just for women but for all who are struggling.  Years of struggle with little mentorship or guidance for some reason stings rawly now, and so as I reassemble the parts of my life that make me whole, this commission takes on a special resonance.

While Diametrically Composed revels in the exuberance of being a mother and an artist, the work also confronts the notion that motherhood and professional life can be limiting factors in their interaction, in ways that fatherhood and professional life are not necessarily. The work aims to artistically probe and unpack this double standard.

The artists of Diametrically Composed are mothers and renown in their field. Conceived and produced by flutist/composer Allison Loggins-Hull, the collaborative artists are composers Paola Prestini,  Sarah Kirkland Snider, Jessica Meyer, multi-dimensional mezzo-soprano and composer Alicia Hall Moran,  and pianist Gabriela Martinez. Their contributions reflect personal experiences, exploring diverse themes related to being a mother and an artist. Diametrically Composed reaches beyond the typical recital format, providing an immersive performance experience incorporating recited text, narratives and points-of-view of mothers from varied artistic professions.

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