A Jarful of Bees for Solo Violin and Electronics



We cannot offer printed parts, you will be purchasing the score, parts and electronics comprehensively.

Commissioned by Michael Jinsoo Lim, this work is inspired by bees and is for his upcoming solo violin CD. The waggle dance inspired A Jarful of Bees, and is a term used in beekeeping and ethology for a particular figure-eight dance of the honey bee. By performing this dance, successful foragers can share information about the direction and distance to patches of flowers yielding nectar and pollen, to water sources, or to new nest-site locations with other members of the colony.  The album will be released on Planet M Records,  and the overarching idea behind the album is to feature solo works that have a connection to dance, as Mike's current position as concertmaster and solo violinist for Pacific Northwest Ballet has made dance a central force in his life

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