Inspired by the blogs of Yoani Sanchez.
In her face
He does not see
The man she never was.
“I take you, te quieroI offer you, te offresco
I cherish you” te aprecio
Traditional words,
He longed to say.
In his smile
She only sees
His joy, his promise.
She does not see
his illness.
“I love you, te amo
I honor you, te honoro
I am yours.” soy tuya
She remembers childhood weddings
With neighbor boys.
In his vows:
“I take you,
I offer you,
I cherish you”
Traditional words
Ring out truths.
In her vows:
“I love you, I honor you, I am yours
Yes, I do, yes.
Yes, I do, yes.
No longer pretend,
No longer a neighbor boy groom.
My heart waltzes along
as they dance their first dance
“I love you, I love you, I love you.”
Yes, I do, yes.Yes, I do, yes.
He plants his vows in her ear
Yes, I do, yes.
Yes, I do, yes.
I am witness
To to this joy.
I am witness
Yes, I am, yes.
Yes, I am, yes.
To a man and a woman
Who thought love had forgotten them.

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